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Create a stronger relationship with your farming neighborhood, build credibility, and separate yourself from the competition with your very own professionally produced publication, mailed to your exclusive neighborhood on a regular basis.

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Real Estate Marketing

Designed to generate real estate leads and close listing appointments, The Neighborhood Connection Magazine shows homeowners in your farming nieghborhood that you are different, that you mean business. With the extended shelf life of publications, you will get elevated branding, increased real estate leads, and you’ll be the one mail piece homeowners look forward to receiving. Take your real estate marketing to the next level.

32-Page Publication

An elegant way to help REALTORS® stay top of mind and stand out from their competition. We handle all the details like design, print and mailing to your exclusive farm regularly.

Retargeting Ads

Our real estate marketing consists of online ads from Facebook, Instagram & Google that not only follow your mailing recipients but also anyone who visits your website so you stay top of mind, all the time.

Why It Works

Your customized publication connects with your targeted neighborhoods regularly, doesn’t get thrown away like traditional mailers, and your retargeting ads ensure you stay top of mind.

Which Package Is Right For You?

Customized marketing packages. Yes, it’s a thing. To get yours, answer a few quick questions – and get matched with the package that's perfect for your business needs.

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You know your neighborhood.
But does your neighborhood know you?

Your magazine is customized to you and printed in full color with beautiful design. The publication is direct mailed to your exclusively owned farming neighborhood with trackable, real-time results.

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Why Agents Love Us

“29 years old, solo agent and I generated $561,691 in GCI in a 1,800 home farm last year! My secret? A 32-page custom magazine and a postcard sent out once a month. The pricing will SHOCK you. I've expanded my farm from 1,800 to 7,500 homes this year with 15K mailings going out each month.”

Patrick MercerMercer Properties

“People are seeing the magazine, they're seeing the digital ads, they link the two together and that's when the magic happens. And, we love having those front and back covers that we can dangle out there to sellers to say... 'If you work with us, we can get you on the front cover of this magazine.' The results that we've had from the magazine have been amazing!”

Kyle WhisselWhissel Realty

“It’s been such a great resource for us, and honestly for our clients. I go down to our local racket club, or our local coffee shop or bar and people are like, ‘Hey, I know you! I see you in the mail every month!’ Especially for someone from the Midwest, it’s a little embarrassing to be recognized and acknowledged in the public eye.”

Max FolkersRE/MAX Pacific

““As soon as the magazine came out, I had at least 6 phone calls and messages saying they would love to get a copy of the book. They gave me their name, address, and number. Quickly I discovered that not only was the magazine useful for people by recognizing who I am and what I’m selling but also the content they’re actually reading.”

Lindsay DunlapCompass

“We use The Neighborhood Connection to establish a better connection through direct mail that is more memorable and impactful on a regular basis. It’s replaced all of our other direct mail.”

Mike JohnsonCompass

“As a listings tool, TNC has knocked it out of the park and is such a valuable piece to have at my new listing appointments. The opportunities that have opened up for me as a result of this publication have been huge!”

Deneise OsseyPacific Sothebys International
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