A Customized Magazine For Real Estate Agents

A fully customized 32-page professional publication! Our direct mail campaigns are customized to you and printed in full color with beautiful design. Your magazine is a convenient size for maximum shelf life with new content created monthly. Your magazine is then direct mailed to your neighborhood with trackable results and neighborhood exclusivity.

customized magazine


Front Cover

Your cover can feature a listing or a just sold property along with your personal photo, logo, and business info prominently displayed. Your front cover is like a mini-billboard in the homes of your current and future clients. Because your customized magazine is exclusive to you and your farming area, you’ll be the only agent with their very own magazine in your neighborhood. Your competitors will be green with envy!

customized magazine


Agent Profile

Each issue features your agent profile explaining why you are the neighborhood expert, and why you are the clear choice when considering to buy or sell a home. Homeowners want to know who you are as a person, not just another real estate agent. Tell them your story. Who are you? Display pictures of you having fun, your family, your friends, your outings! This is your opportunity to really connect closely with your neighborhood!

customized magazine


Relevant Content

The Neighborhood Connection is jam-packed with helpful home tips, neighborhood events, and puzzles to engage readers. Your publication features new articles in every issue, with each editorial presented in an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality format.

real estate magazine


Prime Real Estate

This is YOUR customized magazine. Take advantage of your “Prime Real Estate,” your front and back inside cover, your center spread, and more to promote yourself and your business services. Use this premium space to drive traffic to your social media, promote an event or a featured listing, make an announcement, or just get the word out about some great services that you offer.

real estate magazine


Advertising Space

With all of the options in The Neighborhood Connection, you can display another hot listing or you can even offer a referral ad or advertise one of your partners to offset your costs. Our artists can help you with creating your ad.

This is YOUR customized magazine. Take your business to the next level.