Essential Home Maintenance All Homeowners Should Know

Homes should come with a warning label that reads, “maintenance required.” Like it or not, houses need maintenance, and unless you’re fine shelling out tons of money to the plumbers and contractors you’ll have on speed dial, it pays to master a few home maintenance skills yourself.

Here are the basic, rock-bottom tasks every homeowner should master.

1. Change HVAC Filters

Change your HVAC filter quarterly to keep your system running smoothly and cut your energy bills.

2. Cutting The Water Supply

Find and tag the switch-off valve. When the time comes, turn the handle 90 degrees to turn the water to the house off.

3. Unclogging Drains

A chemical drain cleaner may work temporarily, but you could also use a drain snake to mechanically remove the clogs.

4. Resetting A Circuit Breaker

To reset a breaker, open the panel cover and find the breaker in the “off” position. Push it back to “on”.

5. Cleaning Gutters

When gutters aren’t cleared of debris, water can get trapped and seep into your house, costing you thousands.

Kayte Fitzgerald

Kayte Fitzgerald

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