How It Works

Elegant Direct Mail Magazine Paired With Online Follow-Up

Stand out from traditional direct mail with your very own professional publication. Connect with your prospects in your exclusive mailing area, drive traffic to your website, and follow your mailing recipients (and anyone who visits your website) with integrated digital retargeting ads.

Step 1: The Publication


Your Exclusive Area Is Built

Your dedicated Senior Account Manager will work with you to create your exclusive mailing area and lock in your neighborhood for mailing rights.


Your Magazine is Built

Our award-winning design staff, with very little effort on your behalf, will create a completely customized magazine for you targeted to your exclusive mailing area. No other agent is allowed to mail in your area!


Your Magazine is Sent

This tried and true marketing medium produces results by using direct mail to deliver your artfully designed and clearly written marketing message right to your prospect’s mailbox.

Step 2: The Digital Ads

direct mail

Your Digital Ads Are Created

Our digital marketing specialists will create engaging Google display, Facebook & Instagram ads with strong calls to action.


Your Tracking Code Is Generated

Using our proprietary digital ad software, your designs are uploaded and your tracking codes are created. You or your web developer will place the code on the backend of your website. Need help? No problem! We can place the code for you.


Your Ads Appear

When prospects receive their direct mail piece and go to your website they are captured through your tracking code. Then when the prospect leaves your website and browses elsewhere, your ads show up directing them back to your website. Ads are shown through the Google network on over a million websites, as well as Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.

Step 3: Get Leads & Track Results

direct mail marketing

Call Tracking

Track exactly how many calls you receive from each campaign and listen to recordings of phone calls to ensure your reception and sales process is running smoothly.


Social Match

We can now take your mailing list and MATCH them with their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Now your target market will see your ad on their Facebook & Instagram newsfeed BEFORE the mail piece even reaches mailboxes.



TNC Wired now has an advanced measurement solution able to identify who visited your website even if they did not take action. In addition, LeadMatch gives you the opportunity to send your direct mail magazine to website visitors.

Did you know...


higher response rate using direct mail vs. email


of people ages 25-34 respond to direct mail


of all online searches in the US are a result of offline marketing

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