Advanced Measurement

Solution System

You never knew who came to your website from your mailing… until now! TNC Wired now has an advanced measurement solution able to track and measure the effectiveness of direct mail. In addition, LEADMatch gives you the opportunity to mail to website visitors who came not as a result of your mailing.

Wouldn’t you like to know who visited your website as a result of your mailing?

Get A List

Just download your list of users who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took.

Mail To Unique Visitors

Send mail to users who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list.

Never Guess Again

Never again wonder how effective your direct mail campaign was.

Behind The Scenes

Website visitors are matched back to postal addresses utilizing the newest and most cutting edge technology. This is accomplished through IP address, device IDs, cookies and a 300+ point match based on online activity.

Example of this technology in action:
You’ll have access to a dashboard that lists each match, their info and their actions on your website.

Our LeadMatch system can be bucketed into two main categories:

  • Measurement/Attribution of direct mail
  • Building a mailing list of unique website visitors

Yeah sure, it’s a little “Big Brother”, but as marketers, we need this info to get better target leads. There’s never been a better way to get true attribution of direct mail by disclosing who came to the website that was on the mailing list!

LeadMatch Case Study #1

Transportation Company


Client Objective:
Utilize direct mail measurement to attribute the effectiveness of mailers in driving lead generation.

Success Metric:
New Driver Lead Gen Form Completes

Insights Overview:

  • Client included well-positioned and unique Vanity URL in an effort to capture attribution, to which only 61 recipients navigated.

  • With LEADMatch technology, Client achieved over 30,000 website visitors who did not visit the vanity URL but were traced back to this mailing via LEADMatch technology and a 6.5% conversion rate.

  • The vast majority of attributable website visits would not have been recognized without proper Direct Mail Measurement.



mailers tracked


vanity URL visits


conversion rate


website visitors did not visit the vanity URL, but were traced back to this mailing via LEADMatch technology

LeadMatch Case Study #2

Online Specialty Food Retailer


Client Objective:
Utilize direct mail to re-engage and encourage new
consumers to complete their purchase.

Success Metric:

Insights Overview:

  • 2,857 abandoned shopping carts identified over a 30-day period

  • Over 58% of converting consumers that were retargeted completed their purchase within 3 weeks of receiving the mailer

  • Over 25,000 shopping carts were tracked during the campaign



abandoned carts


addresses matched


re-engaged and completed purchases