Advanced Measurement

Solution System

TNC Wired now has an advanced measurement solution able to track who visited your website. In addition, LeadMatch gives you the opportunity to mail to website visitors.

Wouldn’t you like to know who visited your website?

Get A List

Just download your list of users who came to your website from your dashboard.

Mail To Unique Visitors

Send your magazine to users who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list.

Stay Top Of Mind

Every agent needs a plan to consistently engage prospects and clients. We've got you covered.

Behind The Scenes

Website visitors are matched back to postal addresses utilizing the newest and most cutting edge technology. This is accomplished through IP address, device IDs, cookies and a 300+ point match based on online activity.

Example of this technology in action:
You’ll have access to a dashboard that lists each match, their info and their actions on your website.

Yeah sure, it’s a little “Big Brother”, but as marketers, we need this info to get better target leads. There’s never been a better way to capture potential leads. We encourage you to add these users to your mailing list!