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Real Estate Marketing

Instantly gain credibility and respect in your farming neighborhood when you provide value to homeowners with your own personally branded real estate magazine.

Digital Advertising

Stand out from traditional direct mail with your very own professional publication. Connect with your prospects in your exclusive mailing area, drive traffic to your website, and follow your mailing recipients (and anyone who visits your website) with integrated digital retargeting ads. Digital Advertising is integrated and complimentary to all custom magazine campaigns.


Our digital marketing specialists will design engaging Google display, Facebook & Instagram ads with strong calls to action. Your ads will direct users to your website and retarget anyone else that visits your website.


Using our proprietary digital ad software, TNC Wired, your designs are uploaded and your tracking codes are created. Need help placing the code on your website? No problem! We can place the code for you.


When prospects receive their magazine and go to your website, they are captured through your tracking code. Then when the prospect leaves your website and browses elsewhere, your ads show up directing them back to your website.

Social match

We can now take your mailing recipients and match them with their social media accounts. Now your target market will see your ads on their newsfeeds before the magazine even reaches their mailbox.

Sign Up Today & Get $1,250 Off!

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