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Activate Your Magazine Setup for $2,000 $1,500 (25% OFF!!!) + Get 100 FREE Magazines!


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As soon as the magazine came out, I had at least 6 phone calls and messages saying they would love to get a copy of the book. They gave me their name, address, and number. Quickly I discovered that not only was the magazine useful for people by recognizing who I am and what I’m selling but so is the content they’re actually reading.”

~ Lindsay Dunlap | Compass

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“People are seeing the magazine, they’re seeing the social media ads, they link the two together and that’s when the magic happens. And, we love having those front and back covers that we can dangle out there to sellers to say… ‘If you work with us, we can get you on the front cover of this magazine.’ The results that we’ve had from the magazine have been amazing!”

~ Kyle Whissel | Whissel Realty