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We’re changing the way agents dominate their farms at an affordable price. But first, we’d like you to get a better understanding on which of our packages is right for you. Take the quiz below to reveal which package is right for you and view your custom pricing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TNC available in my area?

TNC is available in all 50 states! To see if your farm is available, click here.

How much does the magazine cost?

The Neighborhood Connection magazine is very cost-effective compared to more traditional marketing techniques. The pricing will depend on the number of units you mail. Pricing is as low as $.74/magazine. Contact sales today for custom pricing.

How frequently does the magazine mail?

TNC offers a variety of options. Our most effective marketing package is mailed every month, providing you with a 12 issue, 12-month marketing plan. Contact sales today to discuss more options.

Is this going to take up a lot of my time?

Nope! Our professional design and editorial team handle all of the content of your magazine. All you need to do is send us your headshot, logo, and any other material you’d like to be included in your magazine, and we take care of the rest. Your Senior Account Manager will walk you through every step of the setup process. After your magazine is set up, you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in good hands.

What is the minimum mailing quantity?

In order to keep your price per magazine at its lowest and most affordable price, the minimum monthly quantity is 1,500. That can be split up between farm size + office/client/friends/family copies. You’ll work with your senior account manager to map out your mailing area.

How customizable is the magazine?

The magazine is completely customizable. We create 14+ pages of filler each month for you to use ONLY if you want to.

Can I use sponsors to offset my monthly cost?

Absolutely! You are not limited to the number of sponsors in your magazine.

Is there a digital version to promote on social media/website?

Yes, we do provide a flippable digital magazine that you can promote on social media, embed on your website, and send out in your email newsletters.

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