TNC Wired Dashboard Overview

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Today, I’m going to walk through your TNC Wired dashboard. I’ll show you how to log in, check the progress of your campaign, and get an overview of our program. Click here to watch the video tutorial! Start by going to Type in your TNC Wired email address and password and click login. Once you’re logged in,… Continue reading TNC Wired Dashboard Overview

How to Decrease Your Marketing Costs When You Use Direct Mail

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It’s a question that comes up a lot. We’ve been mailing millions of pieces of mail a month for the last 15 years. We at The Neighborhood Connection know postage. The big question is, “What’s the difference between first-class and third class?” The latter is usually referred to as marketing mail. The former is significantly… Continue reading How to Decrease Your Marketing Costs When You Use Direct Mail

Grow Your Business by Investing in Your Company First

“The Neighborhood Connection is an amazing platform for me. It helps me create a magazine using only an hour of my time a month. I knew that The Neighborhood Connection would be a piece of my puzzle for my farm.”

Become The Go-To Expert In Your Market

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Educate and empower your farming neighborhood so that you’re the voice and the expert of your market.

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