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“People are seeing the magazine, they're seeing the social media ads, they link the two together and that's when the magic happens. And, we love having those front and back covers that we can dangle out there to sellers to say... 'If you work with us, we can get you on the front cover of this magazine.' The results that we've had from the magazine have been amazing!”

Kyle Whissel, Whissel Realty

“29 years old, solo agent and I generated $561,691 in GCI in a 1,800 home farm last year! My secret? A 32-page custom magazine and a postcard sent out once a month. The pricing will SHOCK you. I’ve expanded my farm from 1,800 to 7,500 homes this year with 15K mailings going out each month.”

Patrick Mercer, Mercer Group Real Estate

“I came from another area and Del Mar was already saturated with a bunch of rock stars. And when I decided to put this magazine together, I was a little bit of a fish out of the water, a small fish in a big pond. And I threw it out there and… WOW. The perception quickly became that I was the top agent in Del Mar, even if that wasn’t the case. So you have to believe in yourself, take some chances, and spend a little bit of money. It’s like reaping and sowing and it’s amazing.”

Lindsay Dunlap, Compass

“With time this will be a big piece of my business and I will be able to say my ‘little secret weapon’ is this magazine. I think getting this magazine every month in your home is very unique and very special. I don’t think it will get lost in the shuffle. I’ve received a lot of feedback from people saying that they really like our magazine, even Realtors asking me where they can get a magazine like this.”

Leo Goldschwartz, Villa Real Estate

“We know that people see it because we hear from our clients and other agents who are looking at our magazine and say ‘Dang‘ because now we have certain areas in our farm that we are very glad we have reserved. We used The Neighborhood Connection to establish a better connection through direct mail that is more memorable and impactful on a regular basis. It’s replaced all of our other direct mail.”

Mike Johnson, Compass

“It’s been such a great resource for us, and honestly for our clients. I go down to our local racket club, or our local coffee shop or bar and people are like, ‘Hey, I know you! I see you in the mail every month!’ Especially for someone from the Midwest, it’s a little embarrassing to be recognized and acknowledged in the public eye. And you guys make it so easy on us, for all of us that are so busy. “

Max Folkers, RE/MAX Pacific 

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