5 Best Mobile Apps For Homeowners

Browse the app store on your iPhone or Android and you’ll find many apps for homeowners—but most of us don’t have the time or the phone storage to test them all. So which ones are worth the download? Keep reading to learn our five favorite mobile apps for homeowners.

1. Centriq

The perfect app for keeping all your manuals and instructions in one place. Once you’ve thrown all that away and you no longer have the boxes that they came in, that’s where Centriq comes in. Simply snap a picture of a product label or nameplate, and Centriq will load the warranties and manuals into the app. It also shares information about replacement parts, streams videos for fixing and cleaning the appliance, and alerts you about product recalls.

2. Happy Plant

If you often forget to water your plants, download Happy Plant, a simple app that creates a watering schedule and sends notifications so you won’t forget. It aims to make the chore more fun by watering progress with colorful symbols. It also encourages you to take plant selfies and turn them into time-lapse videos to monitor your plant’s growth.

3. Color Portfolio By Benjamin Moore

It can be difficult to find the exact right paint color for your home. The next time you want to remember the exact hue of something, whether it’s a couch cushion or the bathroom walls of a restaurant, pull up Color Portfolio by Benjamin Moore. The app will match the color to one of Benjamin Moore’s paint shades. With Color Portfolio, you can also create color combinations, making it the perfect app for anyone gearing up for a painting project.

4. HomeZada

This app is a one-stop shop for home-related functions. The app keeps track of all finances related to homeownership, from your mortgage to your property taxes. It automates home maintenance by managing deadlines and duties (like changing the AC filter) and sending routine reminders until you complete the tasks. If you’re starting a renovation project, HomeZada also has a b budgeting feature that tracks your spending and compares costs.

5. OfferUp

OfferUp is the easiest way to have a virtual garage sale. Take a photo of the items you’re trying to sell and post it to the app in a matter of seconds. People who live nearby can then message you through the app, allowing you to safely coordinate the exchange of items. Your garage will be clear of clutter in no time!

Kayte Fitzgerald

Kayte Fitzgerald

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