5 Home Features Today’s Buyers Want Most

As the housing market continues to rebound amid the pandemic, sellers should think about making some updates on their homes. With demand increasing and inventory low, home buyers are still willing to spend big on homes with quality features. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, focus on features that most home buyers really want to see.

1. Laundry Room

Many homeowners are looking for a room other than a guest bedroom to stack all the clean laundry in until it finally gets put away. A separate laundry room tops the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) list of most-wanted home features by buyers. This is a great way to attract sellers.

2. Energy Efficiencies

Would-be buyers looking to limit utility bills will be drawn to properties with Energy Star-qualified windows and appliances. If you don’t already have these features, examine your remodeling budget and decide where you can afford to spend. Once installed, sellers should be sure to play up these money-saving features in their home listings.

3. Yards and Patio

It’s important for homeowners not to neglect the backyard and the patio/porch areas when prepping for resale. In today’s housing market outdoor living spaces have become the most coveted home feature. Both families and individuals are enjoying time spent outside in their space.

4. Garage Storage Space

Both buyers with growing families and individuals look for lots of garage storage space. From overflow household items to a second or third car or a fun hobby that needs excess storage space, garages are filling the need for overflow and helping add practicality to the existing indoor living areas.

5. Walk-In Closet

While walk-in closets aren’t among the top demands of all homebuyers, they’re highly sought after among first and second-time home buyers, according to the NAHB. A walk-in closet in the master bedroom ranked among their top five features. If you’re an empty-nester, you could even turn a nearby smaller room into a custom walk-in closet.

Danielle Repasky

Danielle Repasky

Dani is a passionate, cross-functional, creative, and results-driven marketing and design professional with over 8 years of experience across multiple platforms including websites, email, mobile applications, and web applications. She is a firm believer that data should drive decisions, but with creativity to support it.

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