Case Study

Chad Dannecker


30 Day Case Study

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“We’ve actually gone on listing appointments for high-end properties and have had them ask us if they could be on the cover of TNC.”
Chad Dannecker

The Situation

Chad Dannecker is a native San Diegan and is proud to call “America’s Finest City” his home town. For Chad, success has always meant doing his absolute best in every situation. His dedicated work ethic and “never give up” philosophy have defined and made his business what it is today. Chad’s number one goal is to provide his clients with the BEST service in the industry with the highest ethical standards. As such, Chad was looking to create a stronger relationship with his downtown SD farming area, build credibility, separate himself from his competition and take his business to the next level.

The Solution

Our marketing experts helped Chad Dannecker and his team create the perfect realtor marketing campaign using TNC’s 32-page magazine and TNC Wired! This combined a realtor magazine with matching automatic online ads throughout Google, Facebook & Instagram.


Here’s why their campaign was successful:

  1. A professionally produced magazine with ample space to provide market updates, helpful home tips, and local community discounts
  2. Clear call to action that includes contact information
  3. A FREE offer that entices the recipient to call

Chad was able to separate himself from the competition by building his own 32-page direct mail magazine available exclusively to him. This enabled him to build a stronger relationship and a heightened reputation amongst downtown San Diego residents. TNC provided a mailing list to ensure that his magazine campaign reached the residents in his exclusive farming territory. Whenever a resident from Chad’s mailing list visited his website, we tracked them and retargeted them with his online ads to keep him top of mind.

The Magazine

The Digital Ads

The Results

Total Ad Displays


Visitors Retargeted




Chad Dannecker’s campaign had over 55,000 visitors retargeted and 129 ad engagements. In addition, his online ads had 67,264 impressions throughout Google, Facebook & Instagram, keeping him top of mind with not only his mailing list but everyone who visited his website that month.


Chad averages a listing per month from his magazine that he can identify. Additionally, he is consistently being recognized by residents in his farm – keeping him top of mind when his prospects are ready to sell.

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