Case Study

Patrick Mercer | Keller Williams Luxury International

November 1 – November 30, 2019


magazines mailed


ad impressions




visitors retargeted

“29 years old, solo agent and I generated $561,691 in GCI in a 1,800 home farm last year! My secret? A 32 page custom magazine and postcard sent out once a month. The pricing will SHOCK you. I’ve expanded my farm from 1,800 to 7,500 homes this year with 15K mailings going out each month.”

– Patrick Mercer | Keller Williams Luxury International

The Situation

Patrick Mercer was just starting to establish himself in the community and was looking for a way to make his brand stick throughout the Kensington, Normal Heights, and University Heights neighborhoods of San Diego, CA.

The Solution

Our marketing experts helped Patrick Mercer and his team create the perfect realtor marketing campaign using TNC’s 32-page magazine and TNC Wired! This combined a realtor magazine with matching automatic online ads throughout Google, Facebook & Instagram.

Here’s why their campaign was successful:

  • A professionally produced magazine with ample space to provide market updates, helpful home tips, and local community discounts
  • Clear call to action that includes contact information
  • A FREE $50 or $100 gift card to a local restaurant that entices the recipient to engage

TNC provided a mailing list to ensure that their magazine campaign reached the residents in their exclusive farming territory. Their real estate magazine was sent to single family dwelling units. Whenever a resident from Patrick’s mailing list visited his website, we tracked them and retargeted them with his online ads to keep him top of mind.

The Magazine

The Digital Ads
The Results

Total Ad Displays
Visitors Retargeted

Patrick Mercer’s campaign had over 600 visitors retargeted, and 42 engagements. In addition, his online ads had 30,328 impressions throughout Google, Facebook & Instagram, keeping him top of mind with not only his mailing list, but everyone who visited his website that month.

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