How Lindsay Dunlap Became 2019 San Diego Association of Realtors Award Winning Agent

lindsay dunlap

I’d like to introduce to you Lindsay Dunlap, one of our many top-performing clients.

When Lindsay came to us 3 years ago, she was new to the extremely competitive area of Del Mar, California.

Lindsay Dunlap is now considered the TOP agent in Del Mar. Go ahead and listen to her story and how she used The Neighborhood Connection to become 2019’s San Diego Association of Realtors Award Winning Agent.

Transcription Below:

I really want to express to the agents who are thinking maybe they’re not the top agent in their neighborhood, or maybe they’re thinking, you know, ‘I don’t have multi-million dollar listings’. It does not matter. In fact, if you want to get to that place, you’re going to need this tool. Del Mar, by far, is the most expensive place to live in San Diego County. I had no business coming in five years ago, absolutely no business.

I came from another area and Del Mar was already saturated with a bunch of rock stars. And when I decided to put this magazine together, I was a little bit of a fish out of the water, a small fish in a big pond. And I threw it out there and… WOW. The perception quickly became that I was the top agent in Del Mar, even if that wasn’t the case. So you have to believe in yourself, take some chances, and spend a little bit of money. It’s like reaping and sowing and it’s amazing.

And one of my favorite stories was when I was on the hike with a group of girls and I only knew one gal who invited me on this big hike. One of the ladies I didn’t know, and I was introducing myself. I just said, ‘Oh, I’m Lindsey, Kat’s friend’. And she said, ‘Well, what do you do?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m a real estate agent for Compass’. And she said, ‘Compass… do you know Lindsey Dunlap? Because she is killing it in Del Mar! She is the number one agent in Del Mar!

And I couldn’t believe it. I took off my hat and glasses and I said, ‘That’s me!!!’

She said “Oh my gosh, I love it! I get your magazine every month. If I ever move or sell or anyone I know, I’m definitely referring you.

And I mean, it’s just that perception. And they see me every month now for three years. So if you ask anyone in Del Mar, they’ll say, “Oh yeah, I know her!”

So that’s what you want. You want to become recognizable. It’s like building this trust without really even knowing these people. And you can really build your business this way.

Danielle Repasky

Danielle Repasky

Dani is a passionate, cross-functional, creative, and results-driven marketing and design professional with over 8 years of experience across multiple platforms including websites, email, mobile applications, and web applications. She is a firm believer that data should drive decisions, but with creativity to support it.

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