How To Attract Multiple Offers

multiple bidders

Having multiple offers for your home puts you in a commanding position to sell at a higher price that would’ve been otherwise improbable. This could also allow you to negotiate harder because the buyer is well aware of the other people eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy your home. To accomplish the feat of having multiple offers, there are a few key factors that are within your control.

Know Your Local Market

The pricing and marketing strategy you choose to implement needs to be catered to your region. You may not be able to control whether you’re in a buyers or sellers’ market but you can devise a plan to optimize your options either way

Set Your Listing Price Strategically

In a seller’s market, setting your price below the amount you know it could sell for is wise. You want it low enough that it falls into a lower tier of online searches based on price but not so low that people are skeptical and assume there are flaws. In a buyer’s market, setting your price as close to actual is wise.

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

Most buyers want homes they won’t have to fix up before they can live there. As long as it’s within your budget, make sure the home is clean, updated, and in good repair.

Marketing Your Home

The more people that know your home is for sale, the chances of more people interested enough to bid increases. This is your local agent’s time to take the lead. Hiring an agent that you’re confident enough to listen to their suggestions will pay dividends. Your local agent will take care of marketing duties ensuring that your property is shown in a way that allows it to stand out.

Hire a Neighborhood Expert

Your agent should not only bring attention to your property but expand the excitement to all potential buyers. Being able to segue interest into offers is crucial. Contact your local neighborhood expert today!

Kayte Fitzgerald

Kayte Fitzgerald

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