Agents Need A Quick But Effective Way To Nurture Relationships Within Their Farming Neighborhoods. Branded Magazines With Timely Content Are An Economical And Efficient Solution.


If you listen to some of the top real estate podcasts that have been streaming during the last six to eight weeks, you’ll hear experts advising their listeners to keep their marketing efforts going strong.

Experts are all in agreement… Keep moving forward with your real estate marketing plan

What every smart agent should be doing during this pandemic is reaching out to everyone in their farming area. You need to show that you sincerely care. You need to educate prospects about the market and build trust by providing them with useful information. Only then can you ask for their business.

Nurture Relationships in a Meaningful Way with Relevant Content Today

An effective way to reach people in your farm, especially now, is to use magazines. And magazines – ones that provide uplifting, useful, and relevant information to future clients stuck at home—are an economical, efficient, and effective way to stay in touch.

Check out these examples of magazine content that our clients are featuring that acknowledge the ‘new normal’ and remain sensitive to people’s concerns, while still appropriately keeping the agent sending them top-of-mind.

Magazine featuring activity ideas for bored families in quarantine will be a blessing for parents and their children.

Fun At Home Activities

Not many of us can handle being cooped up for two months. And it’s worse for kids. They get frustrated, irritated, and their pent-up energy needs to be directed ways that don’t include torturing their siblings.

Magazine content that offers fun activities your prospects can share with their kids demonstrates real empathy. Letting your farming neighborhood know you understand how hard things are right now and offering some useful ideas to help will win you a bucketful of goodwill.

Lindsay Dunlap shows her Del Mar community what she’s doing to contribute to areas affected by COVID-19.

Offer Support To Your Neighborhood

Things are somewhat uncertain at the moment, but there ARE things you can control, and right now that is the content of your marketing to be an asset to your community.

Show your farming neighborhood that you are contributing to the community and offering support to those in need. Being a resource to your community has NEVER been more important.

A great way to establish credibility is to offer COVID-19 resources to homeowners within your farming neighborhood.

Educate Homeowners With COVID-19 Resources

Establish credibility and educate your prospects with useful resources that will help them land on their feet after the dust settles. By becoming their resource center, you’ll be the agent that they think of when it’s time to buy or sell.

Keep your readers informed by offering transparency in the market that they reside in.

Keep Your Neighbors Informed

During these unprecedented times, homeowners want to know what is happening in their market. Keep your readers informed by offering up to date market reports and how COVID-19 might be impacting their area.

The Neighborhood Connection is committed to helping your business thrive. Through our direct marketing services, we can support you in getting your message out in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. Once the dust settles, your audience will value your commitment to the community and remember you when they’re ready to buy or sell. 

Dani Repasky

Marketing Director

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