Print Advertising Is A Very Powerful Media Tool

print advertising

Print Advertising creates a very strong brand recall. As a real estate agent offering a service, a strong brand recall is of utmost importance in your marketing efforts. Magazines specifically have a very high engagement and are proven a less interruptive ad format.

Who reads magazines?

The answer is… everyone. Here are some stats that may surprise you:

  • 95% of people under 25 read magazines
  • 70% of households with an income above $100,000 read magazines
  • 82% of all consumers trust print ads when making a purchasing decision
  • 77% of consumers say print drives higher levels of recall
  • 80% of consumers report acting on printed mail advertisements

So exactly what is the longevity of a printed magazine?

After reading the above stats it will probably come as no surprise that print magazines have the longest half-life than any other advertising media. For example, online ads have a 1 – 2 week half-life, but a print magazine has an astounding 8-week half-life, that’s a 15 week lifespan!

At The Neighborhood Connection, we create your very own custom magazine and we also create monthly filler pages that you can choose from that include word searches, recipes, and other informative articles that increase the longevity of your magazine so that when someone is thinking of selling or buying a home you’re the first person they think of.

We provide complete customization and exclusivity in your desired farm area to establish you as the expert and go-to realtor. While our average agent’s farm area is over 4,500 homes, we have established a 1,500 minimum to start you off right.  

Schedule a meeting if you have any questions or want to discuss further! 

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Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz, CEO of The Neighborhood Connection, is on a mission to assist real estate agents in dominating their farms and growing their professional and personal brands. She has a unique background in print, advertising, real estate, leadership, strategic planning, and business development. Mickey has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others. She has sat on the Board of Realtors and volunteered at military relief and animal rescues. As a daughter of a career military father, she has lived and traveled across the United States and abroad extensively.

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