Today, I want to give you some helpful ideas and suggestions that will help you grow your audience and increase your client database.

1. ‘Tis The Season

Get a dialog started by asking your readers to email their favorite recipes! The holidays are right around the corner and are the perfect time to share that pumpkin pie recipe in your next issue.

2. What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood?

Are you having a local food drive or festival in your neighborhood? Ask people to send in photos of the event to be featured in your next book! This shows your knowledge of your neighborhood events and gets you that contact information that you are needing.

3. Giveaways!

Another great idea, is giveaways! Who doesn’t love to get free stuff? One of our clients gave away beautiful poinsettia bouquet by simply stopping by his office. This will create great face-to-face interaction with readers and help you introduce yourself as well.

Giving away items that pertain to the community is another useful idea. Another one of our clients gave away a book about the history of her town. Readers emailed her their information and then she had a NEW set of potential clients to contact.

4. Show The Good 

Also, having what we call a “Neighborhood Spotlight Page” or two devoted to someone who is making a difference in your community is another wonderful idea. It invites communication and encourages your audience to send in photos and stories of how they are volunteering and making an impact in your neighborhood.

If you need more ideas check out our website and see what some of our other clients are featuring in their magazines.

Sarah Fagaly

Account Specialist

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