Ready To Get Listings And Set Yourself Apart?

Having your own fully custom magazine from The Neighborhood Connection can be a game-changer for real estate professionals looking to set themselves apart in today’s competitive market. Your own custom magazine is an invaluable listing tool in today’s real estate market. Offering to feature a seller’s home on the cover and then mailing your magazine… Continue reading Ready To Get Listings And Set Yourself Apart?

Print Marketing That Works

Print marketing can set real estate agents apart from other agents in the area in the following ways: 1. Differentiation: In a saturated market, where digital marketing is prevalent, print marketing can help agents differentiate themselves from their competitors. By utilizing well-designed, high-quality print materials, agents can create a professional image and stand out among… Continue reading Print Marketing That Works

How To Maximize Engagement With Your Magazine

Created by you & targeted towards your community! The number one reason our magazine works is that it’s a magazine targeted by you to your community and when it is filled with things to engage the reader; they hang on to the magazine and remember YOU. We’re going to show you how to maximize engagement… Continue reading How To Maximize Engagement With Your Magazine

How To Leverage Your Magazine

You’ve got a digital edition of your TNC publication and we’d like to give you some tips on how to leverage your magazine and grow your real estate business! If you’re not implementing all of these tips, you’re missing out on some valuable opportunities to connect. Watch the video tutorial! Tip #1: Share on social… Continue reading How To Leverage Your Magazine

4 Ideas to Help Grow Your Audience and Increase Your Client Database

Today, I want to give you some helpful ideas and suggestions that will help you grow your audience and increase your client database. 1. ‘Tis The Season Get a dialog started by asking your readers to email their favorite recipes! The holidays are right around the corner and are the perfect time to share that… Continue reading 4 Ideas to Help Grow Your Audience and Increase Your Client Database

TNC Wired Dashboard Overview

overview of tncwired dashbored

Today, I’m going to walk through your TNC Wired dashboard. I’ll show you how to log in, check the progress of your campaign, and get an overview of our program. Click here to watch the video tutorial! Start by going to Type in your TNC Wired email address and password and click login. Once you’re logged in,… Continue reading TNC Wired Dashboard Overview

How Max Folkers is Becoming Locally Famous

Max Folkers was originally from Iowa and was a Navy Pilot. He became a tech sales agent and after moving to San Diego 16 years ago, he went into the real estate industry. He services the San Diego Bay Park and Del Cerro markets. Recently, he became the number one real estate agent for Re/Max… Continue reading How Max Folkers is Becoming Locally Famous

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