Being a Top Agent In A Changing Market

changing market

The only thing constant is change. Never has that saying been truer than in today’s real estate market. So what can you do to set yourself apart as the go-to real estate expert in your area? We have put together a list of ideas to separate you from the competition in this changing market.

1. Get Creative

  • Have your sellers offer the buyer a mortgage rate point reduction as a credit at closing.
  • Have unique business cards.
  • Put your pet in listing photos.
  • Create special events for your listings for example ask your local car club to do a Cars and Coffee event at your next open house.

2. Stay Educated

  • Take advantage of free seminars that will allow you to stay abreast of potential upcoming market shifts.
  • Stay current on real estate news not only in your local area but across the country on sites such as the National Association of Realtor News.

3. Set Yourself Apart

  • Many agents will take drone pictures, hold open houses and offer to put a seller’s home in the MLS, on, and on Zillow but only one agent in a farming area can offer to put a seller’s home on the cover of a TNC magazine and mail that magazine out to all the neighbors and other qualified buyers.

Let me know if you would like me to follow up with you to talk more about your very own fully Custom Branded Magazine that we produce and mail on your behalf. Grab a meeting with me now and we can check to see if your exclusive farm is available, discuss your current marketing plan, and how a glossy magazine and supporting digital ads integrate to increase your listings and revenue in the ever-changing market. 

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz, CEO of The Neighborhood Connection, is on a mission to assist real estate agents in dominating their farms and growing their professional and personal brands. She has a unique background in print, advertising, real estate, leadership, strategic planning, and business development. Mickey has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others. She has sat on the Board of Realtors and volunteered at military relief and animal rescues. As a daughter of a career military father, she has lived and traveled across the United States and abroad extensively.

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