How To Use Direct Mail For Real Estate Professionals

While most people are flocking towards internet marketing, the few agents who choose to invest in offline strategies are going to reap much greater rewards in the long run. We’re here to show you how to use direct mail properly! While we’ve given you a guide on how you can implement direct mail into your… Continue reading How To Use Direct Mail For Real Estate Professionals

How Max Folkers is Becoming Locally Famous

Max Folkers was originally from Iowa and was a Navy Pilot. He became a tech sales agent and after moving to San Diego 16 years ago, he went into the real estate industry. He services the San Diego Bay Park and Del Cerro markets. Recently, he became the number one real estate agent for Re/Max… Continue reading How Max Folkers is Becoming Locally Famous

How to Dominate Your Farm with Direct Mail

Key Takeaways Ryan shared the content of the magazine real estate agents send to their targeted farms. Using a postcard vs. using a magazine in direct mail campaigns. A magazine includes many calls to action and a variety of information which lengthens the shelf life. The purpose of sending out a magazine is to establish… Continue reading How to Dominate Your Farm with Direct Mail

The Answers to Your Two Questions

The first question that everybody wants to know is, “How much does it cost?” Before I answer that question, I want you to know what you get with your magazine when you become an exclusive TNC agent and marketing expert in your area. An exclusive, customized 32-page magazine. 22 pages that you get all to yourself.… Continue reading The Answers to Your Two Questions

What to Do in a Competitive Market to Get Listings

It’s extremely competitive right now in the real estate market! The Neighborhood Connection is an exclusive piece that you can bring to your listing appointment. This gives you the credibility that NO OTHER AGENT HAS.   Every agent can take pictures, videos, or can stick a sign in the dirt. Not everybody can give them an exclusive piece. Your magazine… Continue reading What to Do in a Competitive Market to Get Listings

How to Conquer Your Farm in 2019

“This is how you gain their trust and conquer your farm. People are now wanting to know more and are asking more questions as a result. Put those frequently asked questions you get every day with the answers to them in your magazine.”

Provide Real Estate Resources & Gain Prospect’s Trust

real estate education

“The answer is simply to gain their trust by providing them with what they need and real estate resources. You are the neighborhood expert and are giving them a beautifully published magazine every single month.”

Become The Go-To Expert In Your Market

The postman puts a letter or newspaper or magazine in the mailbox at the door of a residential building or a person puts a brochure with advertising. Close-up.

Educate and empower your farming neighborhood so that you’re the voice and the expert of your market.

32-Page Digest Magazine

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