If you want to get a message across, be a real teacher, and be a leader in the industry I highly suggest you do something different than what the traditional agent does.

Many agents will go out and just market or advertise themselves with a message related to how ‘great’ they are at real estate.

Instead, you need to think about how to gain the trust of your neighbors and community. This comes through teaching and educating your community.

If you’re looking to gain their trust The Neighborhood Connection magazine and TNC Wired helps you get your message across.

The magazine not only adds your solds, your listings, and market reports, but it allows you to put a direct educational message to your farm, so they know who to trust when it comes time to buying or selling a home.

Tell them why they shouldn’t wait to sell their house in the spring and why they should sell their house now. Why wait until everybody else is putting their house on the market?

This is how you gain their trust and conquer your farm. People are now wanting to know more and are asking more questions as a result. Put those frequently asked questions you get every day with the answers to them in your magazine.

Then, invite them to call you, invite them for coffee, go see them, and invite them to your office. Don’t sell them – educate them and you will win their business.

Try to put all your listings, solds, and educational messages to your audience on a postcard or in a post on social media – it’s nearly impossible to do. But with The Neighborhood Connection magazine and TNC Wired (our digital platform) you can get all your messages across and conquer your farm.

We’re always working to progress for you to get you more leads and phone calls. Download a sample a magazine here. If you have questions give me a call at (619) 768-2012 and we’ll talk soon!

Danielle Repasky

Marketing Director

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