How To Humanize Yourself In Advertising

Remember when you were testing for your real estate license and there was only one question out of 100 about advertising? That’s not very much to go by, so let us share the importance of humanizing yourself and your brand in your advertising and how to do it!

First, why should you humanize your advertising? Doing so allows for a deep connection with your farm area which in turn, creates a sense of trust and allows for the possibility of engaging in conversations. It creates and maintains a positive relationship between you and your farm area.

What are ways you can humanize yourself in advertising and establish your brand?

  1. Talk to your farm area like you know them. This is my number one piece of advice, when you’re thinking about what to write in your advertising have a made-up image of someone that you’re talking to who is a client, friend, or family member.
  2. Stay consistent with your message.
  3. Have a great “About Us” page. This is typically the first place a potential client will get to know you and learn more about your business. It’s a perfect opportunity to show your farm area how you got started and who you are.
  4. Take your audience behind the scenes. People love getting to know others via social media or print. Showcase pictures of you out in the community, hard at work, or just having some fun!
  5. A little humor goes a long way. Of course, you always want to be professional but there’s nothing wrong with a cat on a Roomba every once in a while.

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Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz, CEO of The Neighborhood Connection, is on a mission to assist real estate agents in dominating their farms and growing their professional and personal brands. She has a unique background in print, advertising, real estate, leadership, strategic planning, and business development. Mickey has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others. She has sat on the Board of Realtors and volunteered at military relief and animal rescues. As a daughter of a career military father, she has lived and traveled across the United States and abroad extensively.

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