You’ve got a digital edition of your TNC publication and we’d like to give you some tips on how to grow your business! If you’re not implementing all of these tips, you’re missing out on some valuable opportunities to connect.

Tip #1: Share on social media

This is a great way to offer value to your network with just a few clicks. Once your book is built, you’ll find social media buttons for FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn on your digital magazine. Just choose the network where you want to share the magazine, then follow the instructions on your screen. It’s really that easy to share your magazine with all of your followers, and they’ll be glad you did. Be sure to send a thank you message to everyone who likes, comments, or shares.

Tip #2: Utilize your email signature

If you regularly communicate by email, you’ve got a built-in opportunity to show off your digital edition with every single conversation. Simply copy your digital edition link. Then, open the settings of your email account, go into where you edit your signature, and paste the URL. Make sure you include a description—maybe something like, “Please enjoy this complimentary copy of my digital magazine.” Or you could even mention a particular story from the issue that you liked. With every email you send, your contacts will be reminded of the value that you add to their lives.

Tip #3: Include in your monthly newsletter

If you have a monthly newsletter, this is the perfect opportunity to reach your entire database with your digital magazine. Simply download your cover page image and add that image to your newsletter. Link the image to your digital magazine using your digital magazine URL.

Tip #4: Add to your website

If you have a webmaster, we highly suggest adding your digital edition to your website. This gets your digital magazine in front of all of your web users! The presence of your digital magazine on your website conveys credibility. Use the code provided by your account manager to embed directly onto your website. If you don’t have a webmaster, one of our digital specialists would be happy to help add this code to your website.

Danielle Repasky

Marketing Director

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