Created by you & targeted towards your community!

The number one reason our magazine works is because it’s a magazine targeted by you to your community and when it is filled with things to engage the reader; they hang on to the magazine and remember YOU.

We start with the size of the magazine.  By printing a digest-size magazine, we ensure that it sticks around longer. On the coffee table, in the glove box, in a purse; it has longevity.

Now for engagement. What keeps your readers engaged? The answer is simple: fill your magazine with relevant, community information. Hyper-local events are a great place to start; from your local high-school sports schedule to a movie in the community park or a dog costume contest. What’s happening in your community?

Next, find who the superstars of the community are and spotlight them in your magazine. Not sure where to start? Our agents have had great success posting on Nextdoor asking for nominations. From there, they reach out to the nominated individuals and they feature them in the magazine.

Our agents have also successfully partnered with local eateries. Know of a cute ice cream store? A coffee shop that could use a little free advertising? Offer to give them space in your magazine and in return, they give something for your reader; a coupon for a free kids cone, a small coffee, or even a free doughnut. Your readers will look forward to your magazine each month knowing there’s a treat in it!

Also, keep yours eyes our for new restaurants and entertainment establishments coming into your community. Reach out to them prior to their opening and see if they want a free ad in your magazine. Your readers will thank you for your announcement and perhaps the store will be open to you placing some of your magazines in their establishment. A win, win!

Our designers will also put together a monthly puzzle and seasonal recipes that you can include in your magazine each month! We also have had agents add a coloring page or contest to their magazine in the past and that has been very well received.

I encourage you to speak with your account manager abut these ideas and more. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

If you need more ideas check out our website and see what some of our other clients are featuring in their magazines.

Michelle Tiez

CEO of The Neighborhood Connection

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