Ideas For Generating Real Estate Leads

While these ideas to obtain buyers and sellers may seem simple, they are proven to work.

  1. Network with other professionals: Building relationships with other professionals, such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and attorneys, can be a great way to generate new leads. These professionals may have clients who are in the market for a new home and can refer business to you.
  2. Host events: Hosting events, such as open houses, can be a great way to get in front of potential clients. These events can give people the opportunity to see your listings and learn more about your services.
  3. Attend community events: Being present in your community develops relationships and trust. Warm relationships and community friendships ensure you are top of mind when someone is considering buying or selling.
  4. Collaborate with other realtors: Partnering with other realtors can be a great way to generate new leads. For example, you could hold a joint open house or co-market each other’s listings.
  5. Offer value: Providing value to potential clients can help you stand out from the competition and establish yourself as a trusted resource. This could include offering educational materials, such as a community magazine, guides to buying or selling a home, or informational seminars.
  6. Leverage print/online marketing: These tools can help realtors reach a wider audience and generate leads from people who are interested in buying or selling a home.

The Neighborhood Connection is a proven farming and listing tool. We provide complete customization and exclusivity in your desired farm area to establish you as the expert and go-to realtor. While our average agents’ farm area size is over 4,500 homes, we have established a 1,500 minimum to start you off right.  

Schedule a meeting here if you have any questions or want to discuss further! 

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Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz, CEO of The Neighborhood Connection, is on a mission to assist real estate agents in dominating their farms and growing their professional and personal brands. She has a unique background in print, advertising, real estate, leadership, strategic planning, and business development. Mickey has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others. She has sat on the Board of Realtors and volunteered at military relief and animal rescues. As a daughter of a career military father, she has lived and traveled across the United States and abroad extensively.

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