Let’s Talk Farm Area Size

farm area size

How big should your farm area be?

A farm area can be as large as you can manage. A neighborhood, an area of a city, or an entire town all constitute excellent farm areas. And while there is no such thing as too big if you have the right approach, we recommend a minimum of 1,500 to start for an effective farm area. This lets you develop a rapport with your farm area and create business success which will allow you to increase your farm area size. As you increase your farm area you’ll have some fun decisions to make, such as when to expand your team to grow your career!

How do I choose a farm?

Choose a place you live or frequent. Develop a relationship with the farm area. Get involved in the community. There is nothing more effective than having a relationship with the area where you are farming. Our agents experience success after success when they reach out to their farm area on a consistent basis and share not only how knowledgeable they are as a real estate agent, but also share some things about themselves with their farm such as family photos and fun things they do.

There are several ways to stay in touch with your farm area. When I lived in a gated community once a month the local realtor would hand out donut holes in a bag with his card stapled on them! Postcards are another great way to stay in touch. We offer a gorgeous postcard along with a 16-page full-size or 32-page digest-size fully custom magazine so you can develop and stay in touch with your farm area. 

The Neighborhood Connection is a proven farming and listing tool. We provide complete customization and exclusivity in your desired farm area to establish you as the expert and go-to realtor. While our average agents’ farm area size is over 4,500 homes, we have established a 1,500 minimum to start you off right.  

Schedule a meeting here if you have any questions or want to discuss further! 

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Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz

Mickey Tietz, CEO of The Neighborhood Connection, is on a mission to assist real estate agents in dominating their farms and growing their professional and personal brands. She has a unique background in print, advertising, real estate, leadership, strategic planning, and business development. Mickey has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others. She has sat on the Board of Realtors and volunteered at military relief and animal rescues. As a daughter of a career military father, she has lived and traveled across the United States and abroad extensively.

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