It’s extremely competitive right now in the real estate market! The Neighborhood Connection is an exclusive piece that you can bring to your listing appointment. This gives you the credibility that NO OTHER AGENT HAS.  

Every agent can take pictures, videos, or can stick a sign in the dirt. Not everybody can give them an exclusive piece. Your magazine will have multiple pictures, double spreads, and a clean cover. This magazine goes to all of your farm.

You can tie in your digital marketing with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. This is all there to help you get the listing.  

It’s The Neighborhood ConnectionYou’ll be the only one at the table with this piece. Think about it. Pretty strong right? Everybody can do everything else. Only YOU can do The Neighborhood Connection in your farm.

We’re here for you. Schedule a demo with us here when you’re ready!

Danielle Repasky

Marketing Director

Dominate Your Farm

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